Monday, June 18, 2012

Who am I?

Today, Mia called weird and a superhero in the same sentence. Sweet.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morning Solitude

All three of my babes (that includes Josh) are still sleeping, and it's almost 8:00!! This is rare. The girls are almost always up around 6 or 6:30. My body is used to that schedule, so of course, I have been up for a little bit. But it is so nice to have my own time. I should really be more productive right now...shower maybe?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kid Catch Up

Lucy has been growing up so much lately, and I have failed to record it. :( She's still not crawling, but she is making advances. This week we could put a toy in front of her, and she started to reach and scoot towards it, almost like an army crawl. We can tell she wants to move, but can't quite understand that she needs both arms and legs to work together, so she gives up and rolls over. She does love being on her feet. Her balance is getting pretty good. I can let go of her for a split second before she loses it. She thinks it's a fun game, so we do that a lot. Also, she's starting to communicate really well. She points to everything and yells "Baa!" when she wants me to see what she sees. She definitely has opinions. If she doesn't want a toy or her binkie, she'll wave it off or throw it to the side. If she doesn't want to be put down, she flings herself backwards so Mommy will catch her and stiffen up until Mommy picks her up again. She loves to laugh. If she's not crying she is laughing. Mia can really get her rolling with laughter. All she has to do is get in her face or jump up and down, and Lucy just cracks up. She has six teeth now, four on top and two on bottom. Teething has been rough on her, but fortunately, there has been a little break, so she's a lot happier. Mia's imagination going full speed these days. She's been learning about the different types of instruments recently, and so she's been taking household items and pretending they're everything from a french horn (a small globe) to a timpani (a large metal basket turned upside down). Just now, she took a plastic battery package, started hitting it with a pencil, and called it the xylophone. And she'll take our plastic cooking utensils, scream "1,2,3,4!" and pretend to play the drums on any surface. She's such a rock star! She also learned recently what a stethoscope looks like, and one day she pick up one of our phone charger cords, put it around her neck (loosely), called it her "step-ee-scope," and put it up to my chest to listen for a heart beat. This little girl cracks me up! I'm so grateful for these girls:-)

No Small Achievement (Sort of)

Mia doesn't like it when I do her hair. She doesn't like to sit still for that long. But the other day, I put on her favorite Baby Einstein video, plopped her in front of me, and I braided her hair. Braids are pretty difficult for me since I haven't done them in years, but it turned out really well, and aside from the occasional scratching of her head, Mia was perfect. :-)
Disclaimer: Pay no attention to the messy room or unmade bed. That was fixed (mostly) later that day.

Memorial Day Weekend

We went camping for the first time since having the girls, and it was quite the adventure. Nobody had more fun than Mia (those her cranky disposition on the second day said otherwise). We went to Dillon Beach where Mia and her cousins found little "treasures," climbed on rocks, chased dogs, and ran into the water. The last two were Mia's favorite I think. Lucy did really well for her first time being at the beach. She was content soaking up the sun in my arms, and even fell asleep in my arms. After the beach we came back to the camping/trailer site for some BBQ. Hyrum did a stellar job at the grill with his own concoction of BBQ marinade chicken. Everyone was pretty content just hanging out the rest of the day until we went for an evening stroll where the kids more "treasures" and small sand dunes. Mia had such a good time, she didn't want to go to bed. The night was not the most fun for us, and that is all about that. The next day the men took the kids to "Monster Dune," this giant sand dune that is apparently really fun to sled down. I think this was Mia's favorite part of the whole trip. She kept talking about it the rest of the day/week. There have been a couple times this week when she mentioned going back to "Monster Dune." We'll go again soon, Mia. :-)


Lucy has figured out how to play peekaboo. Josh and I discovered this the other day when we were chatting, and she started to put a blanket over her face. (She was sitting up, so no smothering was going on.) I saw this, and called out "Where's Lucy?" She immediately dropped her blanket in arms and looked over, and then I squealed, "Peekaboo!" She had a big grin on her face from it, but Josh thought it was mere coincidence. However, when she pulled the blanket up to her face again, and repeated the process a few more times, he (we) was convinced that she knew what she was doing. Ever since then, she loves playing peekaboo. I love it!

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Hello blogging world. It's been a little while. I don't even know where to start, so our evening walk from yesterday will have to do. I love that summer is here. It's such an inspiring time. I'm not a big exerciser, but with the evening weather being so perfect, it's hard not to get out and enjoy it. So, Josh and I have decided to take an evening stroll everyday. We are not very good (meaning mostly ME) at keeping to goals, but hopefully, we can stick to this one. Last night was just perfect. With each girl in a stroll- and shielded by bug repellent (a must have for Mia)- we took to our neighborhood. It wasn't a very long walk, but it felt nice to take in the fresh air. We came to a small park that was pretty much a glorified field, and Mia just loved it. She's always been a runner, so that is what she did, with her dad of course. We couldn't pass up the opportunity for a photo op:-)
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